Introduction: DREAM Team @ NYU Blog

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The DREAM Team @ NYU is happy to inaugurate our new blogging space! This is a space for our members to share ideas, stories, opinion pieces, and news regarding our work on campus and the undocumented immigrant rights movement in general. Check in every Wednesday for a new post.

After spending the day at NYU’s Club Fest yesterday afternoon, the gaps in awareness that exist within the NYU student and faculty community have become more clear than ever. Many students approached our table wondering what this term “undocumented” meant. So, a huge part of our work this semester will be to simply RAISE AWARENESS on campus! This blog will be one of many ways that we spread information, resources, ideas and news in hopes of building safe spaces and allies for undocumented students here at NYU.

So, we hope you’ll check our little corner of the web every now and then to see what’s new with the DREAM Team at NYU, learn about our members and our work on campus, and read some awesome opinion pieces, editorials, and personal essays!


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