Tejani Immigrant Pathways Fund

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Are you an NYU student eligible to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?


The Tejani Immigrant Pathways Fund has been established to help undocumented students pay for the application fees associated with the “deferred action for childhood arrivals” (DACA) program.  Support of the Fund is open to all current NYU students (throughout the University) who have applied or will apply for DACA and have not, as of the time of their application for the Fund, yet received work authorization or are otherwise under considerable financial hardship.  Qualifying recipients of grants through the Fund will be those students who would otherwise be limited in their ability to self-support their DACA requests.  Applications for support from the Tejani Immigrant Pathways Fund may be mailed to Alina Das, 245 Sullivan St., 5th Fl., New York, NY, 10012, or emailed to alina.das@nyu.edu. Grant requests will be decided by committee on a rolling basis. Find the application form here.


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